Clean Energy training

Clean Energy Training is the key to breaking the cycles of poverty.  Training is the key to Economic Empowerment!  Economic Empowerment is the tool that battles racism, battles sexism, and changes nations.  Lets train!!!


We Provide training on

Solar Construction

  • Site Preparation
  • Posts
  • Tilt Brackets
  • Mounting Structures
  • Module Installation
  • Substations
  • PV Switchgear
  • AC Trenching 
  • Power Electronics
  • DC Wiring

Project Development

  • Interconnection Studies
  • Site Selection
  • Site Development
  • Community Meetings
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)
  • Financial Modeling
  • Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) 
  • Subscriber Organizations
  • Community Solar
  • Virtual Aggregate Net Metering (VANM)
  • Bio-Lateral Settlement
  • Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN)

Workforce Development and Community Outreach Process

  1. Define the outcomes
  2. Foster emotional commitment
  3. Design a compelling experience
  4. Start with the highest-impact roles
  5. Change behavior first
  6. Promote citizen-led innovation
  7. Plan and commit to a comprehensive journey
  8. Engage with cultural influencers
  9. Include everyone but the unwilling
  10. Track results and course-correct


"If you look at the people in your circle and don't get inspired, then you don't have a circle, You have a cage!"

-Nipsey Hussle


Power52 Caribbean Energy Institute

Power52 CEI is committed to providing comprehensive renewable energy training programs for anchor institutions developing workforce training solutions. We approach each program design, development, and delivery with the client’s vision and mission at the forefront of the solution.
On March 2020 Robert Wallace and Ray Lewis signed a 5-year memorandum of understanding with HLSCC.  HLSCC worked every day to implement the vision and mission by anchoring in 3 core concepts: People-Preparation-Partnership. Given the alignment of Power52 CEI and HLSCC to serve communities on many levels, the 3 concepts allow both entities to lock in through people, preparations and partnerships in the delivery
of this workforce program rooted in renewable energy.

Clean Energy Access LMS

Clean Energy Access, is a Maryland based small business. Their vision is to create prosperity for the Low/Moderate Income community through renewable energy training, community solar subscriptions, and consulting for LMI based generation projects. We support our community in financial savings, job opportunities, and personal development. Our role in every community is to educate, inspire and develop the next generation of leaders in the renewable energy industry. We have developed an online LMS platform in order to

1) enroll over 1,000,000 families in Community Solar by the end of 2023;

2) Train 250 individuals as REP, Solar Installers;

3) Support Developers with Solar Facility Design and Construction Milestones.

Clean Energy Access seeks out opportunities to support financiers, anchor institutions, and community organizations, located in areas where legislation and policies supporting “renewable energy progress” and “resiliency through sustainability", are in place.

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Workforce Development and Community Outreach

How do you reach a community that has been overlooked for a century?

How do you build trust with community organizations and community action groups?

How do you implement real change in the community?

Let me Rob Wallace help you create a plan that benefits the community we all serve!

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