By Robert Daniel Wallace

52 Principles to Power is a workbook that is designed to EMPOWER YOU to achieve EVERYTHING that the Lord has called you to do! Based on BIBLE BASED truths, the life altering principles have been applied throughout the authors life! From the Bible times to today, these 52 Principles to Power have empowered key bible figures, legendary athletes, Kings and Queens, influential leaders, and ultimately changed Nations! The Power52 Team has used these principles as part of out training program, and have seen first hand the Life Altering impact that these principles have had on our trainees lives, and now we are making them available to you! Now its your time! Use these 52 Principles to Power, to empower you so that you too can be a true WORLD CHANGER!

Personal Refernces:

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“One of the most motivating men I’ve ever met. A true leader, one who uplifts and guides. Rob is full of integrity and I am honored to call him a friend!”

Jerremy Newsome

CEO, Real Life Trading

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"Rob is one of the best solar developers in the industry.  Do not only does he reduce the carbon footprint, but he's never written a term sheet, for a solar deal, that he couldn't deliver on!"

Henry Cortez

CEO, CORE Development Group

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