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About Robert

Rob brings more than 15 years of global experience as an electrical and energy engineer, project manager, and business consultant. His expertise in renewable energy system design and development, system implementation, training, and technology management has traversed countries in North America, Africa, and the Caribbean. Rob has developed and built more than 200 MW of solar and wind projects and has worked in the power market focusing on frequency response, energy arbitrage and battery storage.


Area of expertise

From Energy Consulting, Speaking, or Training, Rob Wallace has the experience and expertise to make your initiative a complete success!



By Robert Daniel Wallace

52 Principles to Power is a workbook that is designed to EMPOWER YOU to achieve EVERYTHING that the Lord has called you to do! Based on BIBLE BASED truths, the life altering principles have been applied throughout the authors life! From the Bible times to today, these 52 Principles to Power have empowered key bible figures, legendary athletes, Kings and Queens, influential leaders, and ultimately changed Nations! The Power52 Team has used these principles as part of out training program, and have seen first hand the Life Altering impact that these principles have had on our trainees lives, and now we are making them available to you! Now its your time! Use these 52 Principles to Power, to empower you so that you too can be a true WORLD CHANGER!

What everyone says about rob:

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“Rob Wallace Jr. Embraces Christian work ethics in all of its finest attributes. He succeeds because he has a vision of an energy-independent world and trusts in the Lord to use him to make it happen!”

Terry Blackwell

CEO, Chimes International

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"I have known Rob for years and, while his expertise in solar energy is amazing, his passion to help others and our community is mesmerizing.  I believe as executives we have an obligation to ensure business success but as leaders, we are responsible to build a culture of inclusion, engagement, and pride…. and there is no one better at this than Rob."

Brian White

President, Maryland Health System

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"The Rob Wallace and the Power52 team are truly committed to the development of people from all walks of life by providing life-changing opportunities which are not only beneficial to the individuals themselves but the communities in which they live!"

Leroy Abraham

CEO, British Virgin Island Electric Company


The Power52 Story

In the aftermath of the 2015 riots, a Baltimore-based solar developer, a Real Estate Executive, and an iconic NFL star found themselves on the phone together talking about how to re-inject hope and pride in their community. From their deeply rooted faith, the three shared a vision of strengthening communities from the inside and the pride that comes when one builds his future with his own hands. Over the next year, Rob Wallace, Cherie Brooks and Ray Lewis laid the foundation with two unique and impactful entities. With the vision of Cherie Brooks, they forged Power52 Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation dedicated to training and employing at-risk individuals in the Clean Energy Industry.  Soon after came Power52 Energy Solutions, a "for profit" corporations that focus on developing, financing, and constructing clean energy solutions.  Their timing is fortuitous. Efforts to modernize the nation’s aging power grid emphasizes a new distributed architecture. After a century of centralization, local power started to improve resilience, security, efficiency, and sustainability. This transformation not only creates broad business opportunities for Power52 Energy Solutions, but also a demand for advanced energy community workforce development. Underlying both efforts is the fundamental belief that our calling is to empower communities to build their own hope-filled future.


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